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We provide High Quality Telecom Application solutions to enterprises.

BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS is a cloud based IVR system which routes all the customer calls to the right department. It stays available to your customers 24*7 and hence manage all your business calls round the clock. Track and record these calls to maintain a superior customer experience and service. Connect with callers anytime and every time they make a call. Never miss a business call. Calls do not have to stand out like a sore thumb. Integrate customer calls with tools like CRM, ERP, Help-desk software, apps and websites to unify all of your customer information. Our cloud communication solutions support integration with the most popular tools out there.

BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS comes with a number of power pact features.Features

Call Recording

Record all the business calls received or answered. Use the recordings to improve the quality of your service or for future reference.

Smart Call Routing

Route calls to specific departments intelligently so that your customers have a flawless call experience.

IVR Solution

Smart IVR Solution interacts with customers and re-route calls intelligently to the required departments.

SMS Alerts

Customized SMS alerts for call end SMS. Lets you reach customers even after the call has finished.

Welcome Greeting

Greet your callers with a message when they call your help desk. Customize the greeting for new caller or an existing caller.

In Call Transfer

Lets your agents transfer call to a different department while being in a call. In Call Transfer helps solve customer queries more effectively.

CRM Integration

Integrate VAgent with any of your existing CRM for a fluent experience in handling your calls and managing your business.

Sticky Agent

Sticky agent lets customer get connected to the same agent they had conversation with earlier, making it easy for the customers to carry on the conversations.

Live Call Tracking

We offers Live call tracking showing all the calls running at a certain time so that you can track and manage your free and busy agents.

Parallel Ringing

Let all your agents receive calls parallely. Agent whosoever is free can get in touch with the customer and never miss a lead.


Let customers leave a voicemail when your agents are unavailable to receive calls during non office hours or holidays.

Set Business Timings

Receive Calls only in your business hours and working days, take Voicemails on rest of the days so that no lead is missed.