ERPNext Software

ERPNext is the world's top 100% open source ERP software.

ERPNext Made Simple.

ERPNext is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software developed by BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS and is built on MySQL database system using a Python (software) based server-side framework.

ERPNext has a Model-View-Controller architecture with metadata modeling tools that add flexibility for users to adapt the software to unique purposes without the need for programming.

ERPNext has all the features to put you in complete control of your business.

We offer cloud-based, customized, user-friendly and intelligence-intensive enterprise solutions based on ERPNext Platform for small, medium and large organisations to empower them with total business control and 100% operational transparency.

ERPNext is one of the easiest to use, customize or to extend it to your growing needs. It is Secure, Stable and Simple to use.

Secure: We hook you up to a private cloud and not a public cloud. Our private cloud can be accessed by only a limited number of authenticated users. Hackers will have no access to where our servers reside.

Stable: We host only a stable version of ERPNext and give you upgrades in a scheduled fashion. We will let you know in advance and give you sufficient time to get familiar through a sandbox.

We at BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS focus on Customer Experience. Our entire investment is made to enhance your experience during configuration, customizations and day to day use.

When you chose Ahead Associates for your implementation, you have made a new friend. When you scratch your head, we scratch our heads. We want to help you solve your problems.

We are full of ideas that could help to solve your problems. We want you to succeed in your business.

We have ZERO sales force. Yes, that is right. We have no sales people. Most of our customers come to us via references and word of mouth.

All our staff is focused on one thing only : to enhance your experience on your day to day use and help you succeed, everyday.

The makers of ERPNext write software at the speed of light. They continually add features that other more advanced ERP systems (like SAP) struggle to build.


Customer Relations and Selling

Track Opportunities, prepare Quotations, and record Orders and Shipments. Communicate with Customers via email, or send newsletters. Distribute commission to a Sales Partner or among your Sales Team. Apply Pricing and Discounts based on rules. Record Warranty Claims and their resolution.

Buying and Inventory

Automatically raise Material Requests, send Purchase Orders to Suppliers, and record Purchase Receipts. Track inventory levels per Warehouse and make required corrections on manual inspection. Use Batches and Serial Numbers, get stock valuation, and use automated inventory accounting.


Plan your Production and Material Requirements using Production Planning Tool. Make production schedule based on Workstation availability. Use hierarchical Bill of Materials and costing. Sub-contract / outsource part of the manufacturing process and include its cost into the resulting products.

Billing and Payments

Bill your customers and record Supplier's Invoices. Manage pre and post payments, track pending ones and provide Credit Notes. Use different currencies, manage recurring invoices, and restrict approval based on amount. Budget your purchases using monthly distribution of funds and Cost Centers.


Define and allocate Tasks for Projects and make Time Log entries for work done against Tasks. Track orders, invoices and inventory against Projects, and bill your Customers using Time Logs.

Leave, Expenses and Payroll

Track Attendence, allocate leaves to Employees, and manage Leave Applications. Record and approve Expense Claims from Employees. Generate monthly Payroll and integrate it with Accounting. Manage Openings and Job Applications in your Company.

Retail Point of Sale

Use the touch-friendly Point of Sales interface to quickly record a Bill, its Payment and the resulting Inventory reduction. Manage per-location settings like Currency, Cash / Bank Account, Taxes, and Terms and Conditions.

Website and Shopping Cart

Generate and easily maintain your company's website with your Product Catalog, Shopping Cart, Customer Portal, Blog and Contact Form. Track visits to your website by plugging in Google Analytics.